Collective Action Training (CoAct) offers consulting services and training packages to individuals and organizations dedicated to developing thoughtful leaders and resourced communities. CoAct Consultants create products and trainings with interactive, useful and thought provoking content that engages both individuals and groups. Our products and trainings offer relevant and meaningful self reflection in combination with group activities that foster a safe learning space, collaboration, and capacity building.

Collective Action Training customized products meet and respect the unique starting point of each group and our consultants work with teams to teach and practice tools that will benefit them and the communities in which they serve.  Check out the training topics and services we offer here.

“There was a perfect balance of skills and concepts.”
“Great presentation, brought a real life concept to a real life subject.”
“This training was a great learning experience on topics that are usually uncomfortable to discuss, thank you.”
“Everyone needs to sit through a presentation like you put on! Thank you—you impacted my life!”
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